Designed with a multi-disciplinary approach to empower developers to designers to corporations, Blockchain University combines robust academic instruction led by the most influential minds in the blockchain ecosystem with solution-oriented design thinking and hands-on experiential training.



To Oct 30

Accelerated One Week Intensives

One week immersive course providing an overview and in depth explorations of the emerging field of distributed digital assets using blockchain distributed ledger technologies.

Designed with a multi-disciplinary approach, courses bring together and educate developers, product managers, attorneys, designers, builders, entrepreneurs & intrepreneurs.

Participants walk away owning bitcoin, understanding the continuously evolving blockchain landscape, and knowing basic cryptography, programming transactions to the bitcoin blockchain (and other altcoin ledgers, e.g. Ethereum), understanding other related technologies (IPFS, DNSChain), scripting language, forking the bitcoin source, smart contracts… and much more!




To Nov 2

Blockchain University Demo Night!

60 Spear Street, San Francisco, CA (map)

Meet Blockchain University’s latest graduating class comprised of engineers, entrepreneurs, attorneys, product managers and VC professionals!

Demo Night will showcase project demos from the recent 8-week blockchain course, a “where they are now” segment on ideas turned ventures from Blockchain University alumni, demos of Blockchain Hackathon winners, and a day in the life of a Blockchain University fellow, all alongside drinks and an opportunity to mingle with other blockchain professionals and enthusiasts.

Panelists will review projects.

Pearl Chan – Principal @ Omidyar Technology Ventures

Nmachi Jidenma – Global Payments Partnerships @ Facebook

Kevin Takaoka – Venture Associate @ Draper Nexus

Dan Elitzer – Business Designer @ IDEO Futures



Private Course Offering

Course Overview

Blockchain technology education for developers, manager, entrepreneurs